Use Case


SWEG and DTS – Comparison from a Smallworld Integration Perspective 

Introduction The integration of Smallworld with external business processes is a common pursuit for many organizations that use the platform.

Automating Public Sector Processes: Simplifying the Acquisition of Certificates and Documents

In recent years, technology and automation have revolutionized government sectors worldwide. One of the most notable changes is the automation

Digitalization of Promissory Notes Submission

Situation New technological developments are exerting competitive pressure on banks, demanding more efficient and convenient online services. You most probably

Kubernetes Scheme

Get Your Organisation Ready for Kubernetes with Realworld Training

GSS on Kubernetes You do not read about the technical detail underneath this solution in the flyers, websites, and case

How To Use Your Cmms To Document An AEM Program

AEM programs can be key in improving your operations and increasing the usability, useful life, and resource utilisation of your

Realworld implements technical troubleshooting automation solution within Orange Romania, reducing team effort by 80%

• The time allocated for verifying the technical troubleshooting requests of Orange Romania customers was reduced by the equivalent of

Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld

Does your company use MS Power BI to gain insights in business processes? Diagnostics can now help you leverage data

Mobile Notification Tools and Diagnostics

There are three levels of action in any IT system. For proactive maintenance, you need to have alerts when certain