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Over seven billion people rely on water
every day, in all its forms.

Water is the most vital resource we have. Without it, nothing would survive. Less than 1% of the total
water available on earth is readily available for consumption and the stress on water resources is
exponentially growing. Humanity, as water’s largest consumer, must be tasked with taking greater
responsibility to safeguard its future.


What we do

Realworld Systems has undertaken its responsibility by investing in water industry solutions allowing water companies to better manage its function within the sector – intrinsic and holistic data driven solutions.

These solutions, first of all, take care of the data. In fact, we facilitate being the authority on data. A comprehensive data management capability ensuring no data latency as you register, manage, use, analyze and visualize the data. Next, a complete set of data processing tools exist to ensure data granularity, quality and quantity supporting the full life cycle of every single asset. Finally, data integration capability allows users to take advantage of data granularity from various departments in real-time without compromising its sovereignty. Together, this facilitates data driven decision-making
processes to improve the performance of your business.

Our passion for the water industry over the last 25 years together with our various customers in
disciplines such as water distribution, drainage and hydrology has enabled us to build optimized water industry solutions that support your water business today and as it evolves tomorrow.
Any data, Anywhere, Anytime!

How we do it

No matter what your goal is – Digital Twin, Digitalization, IoT, ISO55001, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, helping you be the authority on data allows any of these to be achievable. We understand your business including the issues you encounter from day to day including:
  • Life-Cycle Asset Management
  • Network Investment Planning
  • Reducing Non Revenue Water
  • Energy Management
  • Business Process Orchestration
  • Mobility
  • Reducing Risk
  • Water Resources
As each of these components mature, puzzling them together to work with the most up to date data at any time is what Realworld Systems facilitates for you. Working with leading companies such as GE, Spatial Eye, Optimatics, Cliffhanger Solutions, Spatial Insight, Accruent, Oracle and Splunk, have helped us develop native or near real-time solutions to help water companies achieve these goals.

Water Office

The expertise acquired by the many projects executed in the Water Industry throughout the world has facilitated a game changing solution addressing water supply, drainage, irrigation, water resources (ground and surface water hydrology) and industrial for a complete network asset management solution.

With a focus on a comprehensive data model, Water Office provides a granular basis for network asset management supporting a wide variety of functional solutions addressing the business processes within a water company. It is the most robust scalable water asset management solution available in the market today with pre-defined integration frameworks to other IT pillars within the organization. More details available on


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Our Water Solutions

At Realworld, we understand the value of time in today’s fast-paced business world. We specialize to help our customers achieve their goals with ease and enjoyment by providing cutting-edge software solutions that optimize workflow, streamline communication, and ensure accurate tracking of vital assets. Our expert team of consultants is dedicated to analyzing your workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing tailored strategies to optimize your business processes.

Identity Access Management

Location Analytics

End2End Asset Management

End2End Service Orchestration and Automation

Engineering Document Management

Business Orchestration and Automation


Realworld Systems Announces Exciting Partnership with Ping Identity 

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Ping Identity, a renowned leader in identity and access management.
business growth

Realworld Eastern Europe – Business of approx. 20 million lei, increasing by 25% compared to the previous year

Realworld Eastern Europe, one of the local players in software solutions market, part of the Dutch holding Realworld Systems, achieved

Realworld Eastern Europe will implement the CROSS solution within Orange Romania

Realworld Eastern Europe, local partner of CNI, will implement the network inventory solution of the Czech supplier, CROSS Network Intelligence



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