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Data Integration

The Smart Path to Data Unification

No doubt, the world overflowing with data, and harnessing the power of your enterprise’s information is a strategic imperative. 

Realworld Systems gives you the solution – Data Transit System – the modern, agile, and robust tool for unifying your diverse data sources, enabling you to create, distribute, and utilize data products and services like never before.

How Our Solution Revolutionizes Data Management

Bridge - Link Unconnected Data Systems

Data Transit System bridges the gap between disconnected data systems, seamlessly connecting data silos across your enterprise.

Unify - Mediate Heterogeneous Data Sources

Mediate and harmonize sets of heterogeneous data sources, ensuring that your data speaks the same language.

Publish - Deliver Data Services

Publish and deliver data services to your data-consuming platforms, ensuring data availability and accessibility.


About Our Solution

Our Data Integration Solution is a transformative platform designed to map and consolidate disparate data sources within your organization. It empowers you to harness the full potential of your data by simplifying access to rich information from diverse systems across your entire IT ecosystem.

Modern, Lightweight, Powerful Architecture

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Key Benefits

Data Transit System empowers the creation of smart services and digital business models.

Data remains secure throughout the supply chain, from creation to utilization.

Common vocabularies and linked-data concepts facilitate seamless data integration.

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Data owners define terms and conditions for data usage.

Data participants collaboratively decide on data management processes and rights.

Data is manipulated directly within source systems, avoiding unnecessary data persistence.

Feature Highlights


Our Data Integration Solution effortlessly combines data from multiple sources, regardless of format.


Built on a microservices architecture, it automatically leverages scalability and runs connectors within containers.


Access to comprehensive data enables quicker decision-making and operational efficiency.


Say goodbye to costly integration projects with a fully integrated data environment.

Bespoke UI

A fully customizable user interface caters to both business users and developers.

Ideal Industries

Our Data Integration Solution is ideally suited for businesses in the following sectors:

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Transform your data into
a strategic asset.

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