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Automated inventory, powered by cutting-edge technology and computer systems, is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their inventory. This innovation eradicates the need for manual inventory tracking and monitoring, replacing it with advanced software solutions and automated identification technologies. 

The Power of Automated Inventory

When automation becomes second nature within your organization, your teams gain the ability to:


It represents the digitalization of an organization’s assets, services, and resources – the bedrock on which its operations thrive.


It signifies the automation of inventory documentation and processes, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency.

The key benefits of integrating an automated inventory system are profound:

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Eliminate repetitive tasks, liberating human resources from monotonous activities and double-checks.

Achieve complete or partial automation of complex, cross-departmental processes, fostering synchronization across data sources.

Access and leverage rich, accurate data from multiple sources, simplifying complex tasks like provisioning and deployment.

Reduce the risk of human error, improve consistency, and accelerate changes, ultimately increasing uptime.

Identify and resolve issues faster, reducing service downtime, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Respond nimbly to market changes and launch new services quickly by identifying network investment and upgrade needs.

Minimize human error and security vulnerabilities to protect your network effectively.

Inventory automation, a rapidly growing solution, has immense potential across various industries, extending
beyond Telecommunications to utilities like Water, Gas, and Electricity.

End-to-End Service Orchestration and Automation Solutions

Realworld Systems offers a comprehensive Service Orchestration and Automation Solutions comprised of three key components:


A network inventory platform aggregating all network resources into a unified model, featuring synchronization capabilities and service impact analysis.

Data Transit System(DTS)

An integrator system providing secure access to data from various systems at the database level, web services, or application-level

We are Cortex

A business process orchestrator defining and managing end-to-end business processes, streamlining data direction, interaction, and reaction.

Companies considering this solution should focus on functionality, scalability, integration, support, cost, and data security. Orchestration and automation entails analyzing existing processes and defining optimized flows and systems/resources.

Inventory automation represents a significant technological advancement, offering precision, accuracy, and efficiency in network management. By embracing software solutions and advanced technologies, businesses can ensure long-term success.

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Our solution is tailored for various industries, including:

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