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AFR-IX telecom - Testimonial

AFR-IX telecom is an up-and-coming operator that delivers Data, MPLS, SDN, and advanced Managed Solutions to International Carriers, Enterprises and local operators in Africa. 

In June 2020, AFR-IX selected CROSS as their single inventory solution of choice, with Realworld Eastern Europe (RWEE) as the key partner and system implementer. Many factors contributed to the final decision, including a close alignment between requirements and system capabilities, as well as the unique and extendable CROSS data model. 

Realworld’s deep knowledge of CROSS, understanding of the customer’s vision, and their proven ability to successfully deliver projects played an important role too.

With CROSS, AFR-IX was able to (and will continue to) modernize and simplify their inventory record, ensuring a single coherent model of the network is available to support all teams, systems, and workflows across departments and geographies.