Geo-IT made real

Our Purpose

We create and implement software solutions used by Utility and Telecoms companies. These solutions  support the planning, engineering, operating, maintaining of the networks that distribute Water, Electricity, Gas, Internet, Television and even railways.

We deliver intelligent software solutions based upon GE Smallworld GIS. Arguably the best platform to professionally and intelligently plan and optimise your networks.

On this website, you can find the details of how we support your work and help increase the continuity of your service delivery.

Our Ambition

Our Ambition is to provide you with a suite of solutions that supports you at every network related task. Be it:

  • Network Lifecycle Management
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Inventory management
  • Outage Management
  • Telecoms Service Deployment
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Lifecycle Cost & Value optimisation
  • Engineering Document Management
  • Field Force planning and Scheduling

The solutions we provide you with are built around a GIS asset repository with added intelligence and functionality supporting the tasks at hand.

Rino Indira, General Director of PDAM Tirta Pakuan Bogor City

PDAM Bogor has implemented GE Water Office. initially, the goal was to improve our asset management. Mostly,  we needed better support for company critical processes and services. To this effect, Bogor replaced the old ESRI GIS with GE Water Office. As a result, Water Office now allows the PDAM to improve its service level. Bogor is able to conduct its core business more effectively, as a result.

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Realworld Systems Joins Accruent Partner Network

With this partnership Realworld can help you with Maintenance planning, Engineering document management and Mobile workforce management.


Realworld Eastern Europe and CROSS have been selected by AFR-IX

Realworld Eastern Europe and CROSS have been selected by AFR-IX to implement there new consolidated common inventory platform to help support the carrier’s growth and performance optimisation plans


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