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Outage Management – The Water Corporation experience - Testimonial

Below is an extract form an email where Outage Management was used to be able to provide a better customer experience:

We were able to utilise the Outage Management functionality over the weekend to warn ourselves … of the expected customer impacts of an unplanned outage we experienced on Saturday morning.
The call came through for a leak … at around 8 o’clock on Saturday morning. Nothing unusual here other than if you know the area. It is an extremely popular café and boat ramp area and also has normal residential customers.

The shift supervisor checked the area of impact for the outage when alerted by the phone team that they had given the job to the field crew and when they called back to confirm they would have to shut water supply down was able to warn them that the café at the boat ramp would be without water if they did. The crews then organised an alternative water supply (tanker) for the café area before shutting off the water and commencing repairs.

 I am very keen to get this functionality of the Outage Management application to all members of my team over the next few weeks with our official rollout in the Operations Center and over the next few months across the whole organisation for the planned and unplanned work processes. I am encouraged by the flexible arrangements we have established with you and your team for supporting me and my group with the rollout and development of the tool.

 This will be a fantastic business improvement when implemented across the whole organisation over the next few months.

 Thank you

Paul Prottey

Manager Operations Services
Operations Centre