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Realworld Eastern Europe – Business of approx. 20 million lei, increasing by 25% compared to the previous year

Realworld Eastern Europe, one of the local players in software solutions market, part of the Dutch holding Realworld Systems, achieved a turnover of approximately 20 million lei (4 million euros), which represents an 18% increase compared to 2021, when it recorded a business of 16 million lei.

This growth was primarily driven by an internal restructuring process and a 25% increase in expanding the team, particularly in the sales and delivery areas, which resulted in its consolidation in line with the values promoted throughout the group.

Another element that led to the increase in turnover was the focus on existing customers and the optimization of projects carried out with them, as well as taking over new companies in the portfolio, such as Swisscom, one of the largest European telecom operators, which decided to call upon the services of Realworld Eastern Europe for the integration of the Smallworld solution.

2022 was a busy year for us and we were involved in many important projects, among which we can mention the newest project concluded with Orange Romania, with the support of CROSS NI – OSS Network Consolidation. It was signed at the end of 2022, and the delivery process began in January 2023, to be fully implemented in the coming years. The project involves the integration of CROSS Inventory into the OSS/BSS ecosystem to unify information about Orange’s infrastructure, to help business continuity, but, more importantly, to adapt to the continuously developing infrastructure“, said Bogdan Hebean, Managing Director of Realworld Eastern Europe.

In 2022, most of the activities were focused on implementing and developing the Smallworld application for the main telecom operators in Romania, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as continuing the development process with customers, for greater efficiency in daily operations for inventorying and documenting networks.

“In 2021 we were actively involved in a series of business process automation projects using the Cortex solution – an intelligent automation and process orchestration solution that we managed to implement in the largest telecom companies in Romania. Realworld Eastern Europe team improved its project delivery methodology and optimized internal customers processes. This is the main advantage being a reduction in the required working times”, added Bogdan Hebean.

For 2023, the company aims to develop increasingly complex projects for customers, offering them end-to-end solutions in areas such as Integration and Orchestration, GeoSpatial, Enterprise Management, with a focus on a revenue increase by 18%. Realworld’s focus will remain on industries in which it already has experience, such as telecom, banking, or manufacturing.

With 25 years of experience on the Romanian market, Realworld Eastern Europe is one of the main providers of professional services and GIS solutions for companies that develop and operate geographically distributed networks and infrastructures, such as telecommunications, water supply and sewage, transportation and distribution of electricity and gas. The company also delivers and integrates process automation and orchestration solutions as well as digitalization solutions for maintenance processes in the local market.

The solutions we propose aim to digitally transform our clients, talking here about very large companies. Digital transformation primarily involves a radical change in the way people work. This is probably the most complicated and challenging aspect of our work, being the reason why the sales cycle is so long. We have solutions that ensure a natural transition to new processes so that workforce transformation can be done as plain as possible”, concluded the company representative.

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