Leverage MS Power BI Insights from GE Smallworld

Does your company use MS Power BI to gain insights in business processes? Diagnostics can now help you leverage data from GE Smallworld. You can grasp the data from Diagnostics and make your KPIs for projects visible. Are your Quality requirements meeting the objectives? Are you improving your business?

Diagnostics leverages the underlying technical solutions of Splunk. Splunk provides an ODBC connector and with this connector it opens up your data.

Project management

Proper project management measures progress. In order to achieve this, often the time spent is used as a basis. How often does the estimated time for projects meet the real figures? So how would anyone know whether the project progress is correct?

With Diagnostics you can simply measure what happened in Smallworld. Real figures, real results and real progress.

KPI monitoring

Is the system working as promised? Did you use all your available resources and licenses? Stop using numbers provided by running computer monitoring and start using what the end user actually experiences! Performance and the possibility to use the actual system in all its interconnectivity.

Quality throughout

Everybody uses our quality guidelines because we agreed upon it, didn’t we? Sure? What are the figures about using the quality checks we carefully put in place? You turned mandatory off because posting was not possible? And now? Is this step skipped in the process? Your data is the crown jewel of your IT department!

Start monitoring and show the figures in the management team site on MS Teams. Realtime!

Downtime reporting

Do not trust figures of your issue tool. We all know issues are only reported for about 10% of the cases. Present the real time situation in your MS SharePoint environment.

Gain control. For our current customers we created a getting started or our Portal.

Reach out to one of our specialists to find out more.

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