Get Your Organisation Ready for Kubernetes with Realworld Training

GSS on Kubernetes

You do not read about the technical detail underneath this solution in the flyers, websites, and case studies. Why should you? This stuff is complicated! 

Luckily, there are people who truly enjoy the technical details that can assist. Technicians are meticulous with respect to technical details, but what about the organisational aspects of such a technology implementation? Is your organisation ready? 

This training aims to help management-level employees understand what organisational aspects need to change due to technical innovations. Talk the talk with the technicians to ask the right questions but, more importantly, get the organisation right for the technician to perform at their best. 

In just one half-day session, you will learn to talk the talk. Know what organisational changes to plan for upgrading to the newest version of GSS (GeoSpatial Server by GE Smallworld). 

GE Smallworld

GE Digital selected Kubernetes to implement their solution for web technology. A good and logical choice from a technical perspective. From Smallworld version CST 5.2 upwards, you need to implement Kubernetes for your web API services. 

Be aware Kubernetes is not just an application! It is a network infrastructure, a system administration environment, and an application development environment all at once. 

Lacking a proper organisational foundation is a recipe for failure.

Organisational readiness

Is your organisation ready to implement and use the new Kubernetes infrastructure? Do you know what to change?

It is not that you can choose to use Kubernetes: It is a must! 

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (GSS) is built on Kubernetes from version 5.2 onwards. It may feel like you are forced into doing something you may not want to do just yet.

Nevertheless, the future is here, and there truly are benefits. This is your opportunity to acclimatise. 


Realworld understands that organisations may not be ready for such a change and therefore created a training program for management-level employees to learn how to speak the language of Kubernetes.

During the training, you will learn the basic concepts and organisational changes that need to take effect. 

With this knowledge, you start embedding Kubernetes within your organisation, where the right responsibilities are allocated to the right process owners.

The training is conducted via Microsoft Teams during normal business hours based on CET (Europe) time zone. Interested parties may request a suitable timeslot. The duration of the training is about four hours.

The price for the training is €1000 per attendee. Preferable group sizes are three to five persons.

Contact details

Contact Realworld for a training appointment, more details, or questions: 

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