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Testimonial Category: Diagnostics

Barry Owens, Manager of Geospatial Services at Seco Energy – Diagnostics implementation

July 28, 2020 – Florida, USA

The main reason to start with the implementation of Diagnostics was to solve what we thought were Graphical Work Design performance issues. The tools would assist with identifying our error conditions so that we could take corrective action.

We selected Realworld because we were familiar with their suite of applications around diagnostics of Smallworld issues and had been struggling with the performance issues for several years..

The technical staff of Realworld was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the product and their expertise with Smallworld architecture.

The most significant result working with Realworld, was that we were able to isolate and address the Graphical Work Design performance issues and gain the confidence back from the end users that the issues were not Graphical Work Design related.  Many of our findings pointed to another application integration or code and refresh intervals not being optimized in our system.

If you are having software related issues, it will certainly expand your understanding and provide a significant number of alternatives related to the specific issues you are working to solve.

We also always wondered if the results would be worth spending the additional dollars (as we did not know what to expect).  It has proved invaluable in pinpointing where issues exist and we would highly recommend using the software to solve application issues your company may be experiencing.

Barry Owens

Manager of Geospatial Services

Seco Energy

Jaidev Dubey, Sr. Software Engineer IV at Cox Communications Atlanta – Diagnostics implementation

July, 16, 2020 – Atlanta, USA

At one of the GE Conferences we saw a demo of diagnostics. We were very impressed by the software. It gives a very detailed insight of which parts of the application is being used and which is not. Above all it shows the behavior of the user. We had parts of the application that was pretty slow because of indexing. Diagnostics helped up point to things like that very easily and we were able to tweak our database.

No other software works with Smallworld as tightly as Diagnostics does. Realworld has a very knowledgeable crew when it comes to Smallworld and Splunk.

The benefit from working with Realworld is that they are very responsive and willing to work with us to tweak diagnostics as needed. They helped us build custom dashboards that helped us catch repeat offenders.

Diagnostics helped us understand our user behavior and pattern. To understand the users is half the battle won!

To all the potential clients considering working with Realworld, we can say: “you won’t regret it”!

Jaidev Dubey, Cox Communications – Atlanta