With the Diagnostics trial we discovered that an index was missing. After adding the index the waiting times in our application became much shorter.

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Diagnostics facilitated a removal of 33% of the functionality of our bespoke gas application.

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Seco Energy

It has certainly been an enlightening endeavor to better understand and identify the years of work practices that have caused significant performance issues.

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Diagnostics has shown that Quality Manager is a laborious and time-consuming factor in the registration process. By optimizing this process, we now see in Diagnostics that QM activity as well as the number of reported QM flags has been halved.

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Very impressive handy tool for Sys Admins, Super users! Highly recommended. One-stop app for system health check, monitoring, alerting that can be scaled up.
Requirements were understood, and the support throughout the process was above and beyond what was expected. (Leti Fanning)
Overall a good product for maintaining Smallworld Suites. (Vadlakonda, Tharun Kumar)
I wish we could have gotten this tool years ago.

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