Energy markets are going through a revolution due to deregulation, the pursuit of decarbonisation and grid modernization. These includes the extensive use of renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DER). For the gas sector growth of LNG and its exportation abroad on tankers in the form of super-cooled natural gas is globalizing the gas markets. How will energy companies survive and succeed and how will energy companies meet the growing need for reliable and affordable energy?

What we do

A significant component to help energy companies succeed is to ensure optimal network life cycle management. Realworld Systems help energy companies to optimally plan, design, build, operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks, whether it is electricity or gas networks. We help energy companies reduce operating expenditures while improving safety, reliability and customer service.

How we do it

Realworld Systems has experts in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and system integration to completely visualise your network assets to support the network asset life cycle management related processes, from Network Planning to complete Asset Performance Management (APM). 

Realworld does this through:

  • Restructuring processes and process support using geospatial information
  • Implementation of off-the-shelf, pre-configured and pre-integrated solutions for the company-wide use of geospatial information using GE Smallworld™ solutions. These include:
  • GE Smallworld™ Electric Office for transmission and distribution systems
  • GE Smallworld™ GAS Distribution Office for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). 
  • Integration of GIS and ERP, CRM, SCADA and other IT/OT systems
  • Implementation of Mobile Solutions, including GE Mobile Enterprise Suite that offers the latest advancements in mobile solutions
  • One Call solution by Spatial Eye – An intuitive end-to-end solution to help network operators and contractors prevent excavation damage. Supported protocols include KLIC/WION, KLIP, KLIM


Garry Mathieson
Garry Mathieson
Senior account manager/ Business Development
Francois Schutte
Francois Schutte
Managing Director, Africa
Johan Engelbrecht
Johan Engelbrecht
Business Development Manager, Africa
Paul Meester
Paul Meester
Co-Founder Realworld / Director, Netherlands

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