Does your organization depend on Smallworld™ systems? If so, rock-solid performance is essential. Users must be able to interact with the environment efficiently and effectively in order to keep your daily operations on track. That means optimizing your GIS is important – but getting it right can be a serious challenge. And once you have it right, how can you monitor that it stays like that? With more than 25 years of experience with Smallworld™, we understand this better than most. We also understand that real improvements require insights into real user behavior. If you know what works and what fails, you can optimize your Smallworld™ experience for everyone.  Diagnostics delivers these insights, clear and in practical detail, putting you in control of the optimization of your GIS. 

Get the most out of your Smallworld™ system with Diagnostics. Dashboards and intuitive visualizations illustrate every operational detail of your Smallworld™ system and all of its users. Diagnostics’ real-time monitoring and alerts minimize down-time and optimize user experience. Diagnostics – in control.


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