Over seven billion people rely on water every day, in all its forms.

Our passion for the water industry for the last 25 years has enabled us to build optimised water industry solutions that support your groundwater resource management, water distribution network management, drainage network management and more.

What we do

We know your business including the issues you encounter from day to day. 

  • Life-Cycle Management for transport and distribution networks
  • Network Investment Planning
  • Outage Management
  • Reducing Non Revenue Water
  • Network refurbishment planning
  • Business Process Orchestration
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Maintenance planning and execution

How we do it

We partner with leading companies and industry experts in building the solutions for you.

Our partners include:

  • GE Digital
  • Spatial Eye
  • Accruent
  • Spatial Insight
  • Optimatics

"To be able to make intelligent decision, one needs intelligent data". To ensure this, we base our solutions upon the robust and stable Smallworld GIS platform. This ensures that the data quality  we build Asset Management solutions that bring your operations into the digital world.

Water Office

The expertise acquired by the many projects executed in the Water Industry throughout the world has facilitated a game changing solution addressing water supply, drainage, irrigation, water resources (ground and surface water hydrology) and industrial for a complete network asset management solution.

With a focus on a comprehensive data model, Water Office provides a granular basis for network asset management supporting a wide variety of functional solutions addressing the business processes within a water company. It is the most robust scalable water asset management solution available in the market today with pre-defined integration frameworks to other IT pillars within the organization. More details available on www.wateroffice.com.


John Leeuwenburg
Global Product Manager
Worldwide Contact
Stefan Wagemans
Senior Software Developer
Garry Mathieson
Garry Mathieson
Senior account manager
Australia and South-East Asia


Renovation of water networks

Implementation at Farys

Implementation at Farys

Implementation at Farys

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WO Facsa Gis

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Decision Support System

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NRW Spatial Asset Management

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