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Software Developer
Department: Computer Software
Location: Netherlands
Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

We are looking for a passionate and responsible person to join the project team for our SWEG clients worldwide.  The Software Developer will be part of our delivery team, responsible for development and support for SWEG. This solution was developed by Realworld and is currently being used by clients from the energy & telco industries.    

This means that she/he: 

  • Is has a Mid-Senior level 
  • Qualified in Mechanical Engineering / Electronic engineering / Physics/Theoretical Physics / Mechatronics and robotics / Chemistry & Molecular Physics / Electrical and computers engineering / Computer Engineering 
  • Interesting fields would be: Automation, consultancy, architecture, analyst, etc. Experience in IT industry is a plus. 


  • Problem Solving  
  • Methodical, attentive to details  
  • Results focused  
  • Good cooperative skills within teams  
  • Flexible & a quick learner  
  • Committed and focused to achieving targets on own initiative 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Deep understanding of business processes 

Job Functions:


  • Programming: Java, Magik 
  • Databases: Oracle, Smallworld 
  • Writing and maintaining unit tests 
  • Writing and running Test cases 
  • Documenting the code 


  • Providing a work around if a fix is not plausible 
  • Maintaining state of support issues 
  • Answering customer questions 
  • Creating patches and managing patch storage 
  • Bug fixing
  • Porting code vertically (between versions) and horizontally (between customer/feature branches/trunk) 


  • Designing and proposing customization 
  • Developing customer solutions around SWEG 
  • Advising complex customer deployments 


  • Maintain overview of product architecture 
  • Planning and designing major product changes 
  • Implementing new features and enhancements 
  • Optimizing code 
  • Running Performance Tests 
  • Creating and updating GE release documents 
  • Planning/managing release schedule 
  • Developing and maintaining delivery scripts 
  • Creating deliveries (product installer) 
  • Writing user documentation (SWEG manual - Help&Manual) 
  • Testing releases 
  • Creating Test reports for GE Energy (Testersuite) 
  • Maintaining communication with GE Release Management 


Salary is competitive with excellent benefits including private health care, flexible hours and work from home options.