SWEG ConfigurationYour IT Architecture is based on ORACLE. Your asset data is based on GE Smallworld™. Many organizations are confronted with having multiple sources of truth that are inconsistent. Your organization using these two systems together can resolve this using Smallworld™ Enterprise Gateway to ensure a single source of truth for your company. 

Smallworld™ Enterprise Gateway provides an advanced, comprehensive, high-performance, robust and easy to operate solution to make the quality of the Smallworld version managed data available on the ORACLE database technology. It enables a wide range of usage including viewing, reporting and data-warehouse applications as well as a set of operational applications. Smallworld™ Enterprise Gateway consists of a JAVA application with an easy configuration user interface and Magik and JAVA components connecting Smallworld to ORACLE and ORACLE SPATIAL. This tool ensures a single source of truth that is controllable and consistent for your organization. 

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The configuration GUI provides an easy to use environment for controlling the ORACLE data model, including the mapping of database objects, to create or update the ORACLE schema, setting of enumerators and coordinate systems, and other preferences. 


The architecture has been engineered to deliver the best possible performance, using JAVA and ORACLE multi-threading batch processing for fast throughput. 

The architecture has been engineered to deliver the best possible performance, using JAVA and ORACLE multi-threading batch processing for fast throughput, exceeding 8 million records per hour* for a single session. The latest release introduces parallel processing for increased data throughput reaching speeds in excess of 20 million records per hour*. 

* Performance may vary depending on record type and hardware constraints. 

Ease of use 

The user interface has been designed to set up and configure Smallworld Enterprise Gateway quickly and simply. No programming knowledge is necessary for basic setup. The latest release allows users to carry out basic data manipulation during synchronization through its Advanced Mapping system, with a dedicated and intuitive interface. 


Smallworld™ Enterprise Gateway is capable of scaling up synchronization speed by adding worker machines and processes to the setup, up to the throughput limit of the source and destination servers. 

STOP using slow synchronization software, START using optimized for performance software 
STOP using highly customized software, START using software your configure 

Expert Services

Take advantage of our SWEG experts…we will investigate and evaluate how we can help and offer remote assistance on simple Smallworld to Oracle configurations to complex network configurations to individual use cases. Just let us know. If necessary, we can even provide on-site services (post Covid) to work together with your team to solve your demands on site.

Contact our Product Manager Gert Wijsman for more details.


Gert Wijsman
Product Manager Enterprise Gateway & Diagnostics


SWEG Performance

Performance of Smallworld Enterprise Gateway (SWEG)


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