Smallworld Design Gateway (SDG) — Integrated FTTx and N+0 Planning, Design and Documentation

Planning, designing and building cost-effective, high bandwidth FTTx, 5G and N+0 networks can be a complex and time consuming process.

The network inventory and automated FTTx design products provided by GE (GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory) and Comsof (Comsof Fiber) have been shown to dramatically improve design time, optimisation and quality of FTTx rollouts for many operators around the world.

The Smallworld Design Gateway (SDG), developed by Realworld, takes this one step further. SDG provides out of the box integration of these two world leading products enabling end to end plan and design process automation and optimisation.

This highly configurable solution enables user to set business and engineering rules, specify which equipment to use to build their network, and run QA checks automatically as part of the design workflow.

Users work seamlessly with network inventory and design data, using desktop and field survey information to fine tune designs and create high quality build plans in PNI, ready to be used by your construction teams.

Best of Both Worlds
Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) is the market leading solution for network inventory management, used by more than 130 operators around the world to support their complete lifecycle from planning to operation. Users can take advantage of the powerful design and version management capabilities to assess different design options for cost and quality. Design and As-built data can be shared across the enterprise and into the field.
Comsof Fiber is used by more than 80 operators around the world to design their FTTx, 5G and N+0 networks. User can configure the design, cost and architecture rules. Comsof Fiber then automatically designs an optimised, consistent and error free network, speeding up roll-out and lowering the capex and opex costs of network design and build.

Realworld have taken the best, developed a streamlined integration product which makes the combined design solution even better.
SDG leverages the strengths of both of the solutions: you can utilise the power of Comsof Fiber from the PNI GUI, taking advantage of the Design Management and Quality Management features. Users can pass the Landbase, network and customer demand information required to support FTTx designs directly from PNI to Comsof Fiber and use all of its design features in a well-known interface. Design data can be passed directly to the GE Mobile Enterprise solution to support field surveys. The validated final design can then be directly converted into PNI network designs. No need for duplicate data entry, automated quality checks and all work controlled using your standard design workflow.

What does it take to implement Smallworld Design Gateway?
SDG is a product solution. The software can be installed and configured to work with your network inventory and landbase data. Realworld will work with you to ensure that the configuration of the tool matches your engineering and business rules.

SDG has been designed to be extensible. If you have specific requirements linked to your network inventory build, these can be added through a set of hooks so ensure your solution is future proofed.
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Gillian Kendrick
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