Field service is
not just an expense

it is a strategic

That contributes to the top and bottom lines. To meet customer and company expectations, you must allocate resources strategically and optimize their impact. vx Field connects field staff with dispatch and critical information to improve service execution, parts tracking, and invoicing. vx Field helps you create business value through planning, consistent service execution, and performance analysis.

Mobile Workforce Management


VX Field mobile workforce management provides end-to-end service delivery
functionality to optimise the performance of simple and complex field service work inline
with your business objectives. The solution delivers intelligent work allocation,
optimised resources scheduling and dispatch, performance management, and fully
integrated parts and inventory management.

The intuitive, user-friendly mobile application and configurable workflow helps
to maximise technician productivity in the field.

Get the most from your

mobile workforce through

Optimised scheduling, dispatch, and field execution to maximize workforce
productivity execution to maximize workforce productivity.

It’s Features are:

  • Resources tracking via mobile device
  • Automated scheduling and dispatch
  • Subcontractor management
  • Parts and inventory management

It’s Benefits are:

  • Long term resource forecasting
  • Improved parts/inventory availability
  • Optimise planned schedule changes
  • Reduced time to complete service


Work Orders
Managed P/A


Users Per Organisation
= Scalable Product


Technician to Dispatcher
Ratio Achieved


Technicians Scheduled
& Dispatched

We wanted a solution ith a proven track record. The
implementation has enabled EmiTel to achieve the
expected benefits,

including improving productivity and reducing
operational costs in our mobile workforce operations.

Przemyslaw Kurczewski, CEO of EmiTel


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Eastern Europe
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Western Europe
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