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Engineering Document Management
with Meridian

Keep all your documents and drawings in one place with our top-performing enterprise document management software. Meridian provides
a single source of truth, configurable workflows to streamline collaboration with all internal departments and ensures
every document change is versioned and audited to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


in the Utility &

Engineering Information Management

What We Do

Increase Reliability

Efficient Handover

Improve Sustainability

Reduce Cost

Meridian helps over 350,000 engineering, mintenance and operations professionals keep their asset documentation up to date. Ensuring that data is easily accessible by the right people while maximizing staff productivity and supporting personnel safety.

Gain Efficiency in Collaborative Engineering Projects

Centrlize Mission-Critical Engineering Information

Break Down Information Silos to Ensure Asset Safety

Take Contral of Regulatory Compliance

Stay in Control of Your Hazardous Area Classification

The Value of Engineering Information Management


180bn p.a. costs in unplanned shutdown and equipment downtime


or 3.5% efficiency increase in engineering information handover to operations


reduction in engineering and maintenance costs over the next five years


cut in energy and waste cost to achieve emission reduction levels

Increase Reliability

Efficient Handover

Improve Sustainability

Reduce Cost

Challenges in The Process
Manufacturing Industry

Asset Management

How to reduce downtime and extend asset life

Preventive Maintenance

Efficient planning, scheduling and workload balancing

Management of Change

Digital workplace
for engineering changes

Handover to

Efficient handover from engineering projects
to as-built

Up-To-Date Documentation

Maintain the object-document

Maintenance & Operations



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