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Mapidea: The power of data

Mapidea is a user-friendly Location Analytics software trusted by leading companies worldwide. With this no-code solution, business users can make faster and better decisions based on reliable spatial insights.

How much does Mapidea cost? 
it’s commercial model is based on an annual subscription and the pricing tiers vary according to the needs of each client.

What are the most common use cases of Mapidea?

  • Location and Infrastructure:
    Find the best place to open a new store/place a new asset (network, cables, cell antennas, distribution points, etc), define delivery areas, assess competition locations.

  • Sales:
    Define/refine sales territories, understand geographical share-of-customers / share-of-wallet, optimize sales team territorial distribution, monitor territorial sales performance, correlate geographical visits with sales.

  • Marketing:
    Understand customer distribution across the territory, create geographical customer segmentation, create location-based campaigns, monitor competitor campaigns across the territory.

  • Service and Logistics:
    Analyze and monitor requests geographically, optimize the territorial distribution of service teams and distribution routes/points, identify problematic areas.

  • Data Monetization:
    Creating Analytics-as-a-Service products to sell data to corporate customers (for clients that have data to sell).


What ROI can I expect if using Mapidea?
It depends on your use cases. Examples about how to save time and money with Mapidea:

  • Infrastructure and Expansion
    For decisions where to open new stores, identify areas to deploy services coverage, Mapidea reduces time to decision leading directly to cost savings – in the short and the long term.

  • Location Based Marketing
    Through a better understanding of customer behavior and spatial distribution of patterns, marketing actions are laser focused, resulting in the increase of revenue and reduction of costs.

  • Sales Performance
    Mapidea enables companies to look at their sales territories in a geographic perspective, having more capabilities to detect under performance behaviors and optimizing sales teams efforts. It increases revenue and reduce costs by allocating the right amount of resources to different areas.

  • Operations
    Mapidea improves the ability to understand incidents across the territory and the perception by different stakeholders of the quality of service. There is a cost saving by anticipating interventions and deploying teams where they are more necessary.

  • Data Monetization:
    Increase in revenue through the creation of Data-as-a-Service products.


What is included in Mapidea subscription?
The annual subscription includes the software license, supporting services, and open data.


Is it possible to run a Proof-of-Concept?
Yes, request it . Our team will be happy to explain how the proof-of-concept works.


What kind of datasets can I upload to Mapidea?
You can upload the following file formats to Mapidea: Microsoft Excel files, .csv, ESRI shapefiles, GeoJSON, MapInfo or Google Earth files. You can also connect Mapidea to databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.


Can I get data for my region/country/city? (e.g. Demographics, Competitors..)
Yes, Mapidea provides reliable datasets based on public sources around the globe. Improve your analysis with our ready-to-use location data.


Do you provide Mobility Data?
Yes, we are working with Data Partners ready to provide high-quality mobility data from more than 127 million monthly active users. We can also provide anonymized mobility data from Telcos (from millions of subscribers). 100% compliant with GDPR and CCPA.