Maintenance Connection

Comprehensive Proactive
Maintenance Management

Optimize your manufacturing performance through proactive maintenance. Empower your workforce with asset intelligence
and the ability to manage work orders, improve organization, and execute preventive maintenance. Learn more about the CMMS that maintenance teams use worldwide to reduce downtime, predict asset failure and maintenance needs,
and to manage the ever-growing complexities of enterprise assets and equipment inventory.

Maintenance Connection is a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

It’s Features are:

Unlimited event-based automation

Drag & drop labor scheduling

Flexible reporting

Centralised work order lifecycle management

It’s Benefits are:

Extended equipment life

Insight into asset health

Increased labor efficiency

Proactive vs reactive maintenance

Why Customers Choose
Maintenance Connection?

Stand-out features

Mobile app (make updates & view docs on the go)
Drag & drop labor scheduling interface & labor change manager
Project-based Work Order management and creation
Serialised Inventory
Integrated Barcode scanning

Easy of use

Smart Work Order auto-assignments & notifications
Extremely flexible reporting & KPI dashboard
SMART reports (edit) within a report)
Advance PM generation and grouping

Power & scale

Multi-site capability, parent-child databases
Robust & easy access API for integrations to ERP, Financial and other core systems
Highly configurable fields, layouts, reports
Unlimeted event-based automations

Superior services

Proven implementation process with long-tenured in-house Implementation Consultants
Ongoing 98% service satisfaction
User-driver product suggestions & roadmap
Dedicated success team

Pains & Challenges Maintenance
Connection Solves


Reduce surprise breakdowns and improve system reliability with a proactive, preventative maintenance program.

Equipment Life

Assets with regular, preventative maintenance last longer.

Service Requests

Expedite work orders with a seamless request process.

Improve Planning
& Productivity

Reduce idle time and overtime with balanced and efficient work schedules.

Gain Maintenance Intelligence

Increase visibility into real-time and historical maintenance data and asset performance.

Improve Performance Maintenance

Monitor key stats incl. labour productivities, PM compliance, downtown, backlog, service levels and reliability.


Manage all maintenance and compliance activities in one system and create a consistent operations standard.

Optimise Inventory, Reduce Stockouts

Improve management of spare parts and material inventories, move faster with an accurate inventory system.


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