Realworld Systems offers two kinds of Kubernetes training: “Hands-on” and a “Management session”.

Firstly, we created a management session of 4 hours to explain what IT management needs to take care of. Secondly, we did research to enlarge our knowledge, and created a hands-on training.

MT Session

Kubernetes will affect roles and accountabilities in your organization. In order to understand how it will help you, Realworld Systems has setup a four-hour management training. Click here for more details on the subject and my insights. 

Download the flyer for an overview of this management training here.


To get familiar with the Kubernetes ecosystem, we joined KubeCon. Read my findings here.

Hands-On Training

At Realworld Systems, we created a three-day Hands-On practical training: understanding the basics of Kubernetes and deploying GSS in Kubernetes. Every attendant gets its own server for the training purpose. In three days, we will tell you, while you experiment with it, the basics of containers, pods, Kubernetes security and deploying GSS. Adding third-party products and creating a service in GSS.

Download a flyer here.

We can manage about 6 participants at a time, so space is limited. 

Kubernetes Scheme

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