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RealworldEcho founded as ECHO Broadband in March 2000 to serve the European cable TV market, we grew rapidly and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Keppel T&T in July 2002. In March 2006 ECHO Broadband GmbH received ISO9001 certification for quality management and continues to maintain systems audited to the ISO9001:2008 standards. In 2011 the ECHO team joined the Realworld-Systems group forming Realworldecho and further strengthening our capabilities in GIS Software Development.

Using our global team of skilled professionals, Realworldecho provides customers with a wealth of knowledge and experience incorporating the latest developments in technology. Our mixed discipline teams comprising IT professionals, network engineers, geographers and project managers ensure successful customer project delivery. Our ability to manage production teams globally using large scale GIS database replication has been key to Realworldecho’s success. Our clients benefit from our extensive project management experience and our capability to deliver multi-lingual and cost effective solutions.

We strive to provide innovative Network Engineering Solutions that give our customers improved operational efficiency and tangible financial benefits.

We endeavor to understand each customer’s requirements and provide quality engineered solutions in a timely and efficient manner.