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Welcome to Realworld Systems’ Geospatial Asset Management – where we put spatial assets in the hands of everyone who needs them. If you’re in the telecommunications, utilities, or oil and gas industry, our cutting-edge Application Management solutions are tailor-made for you.

Experience the future of efficient GIS data management, streamlined workflows, and accelerated business growth through our exceptional solutions.

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Application Management

Our Application Management solution is designed to empower industries such as telecommunications, utilities, and oil and gas. With our suite of powerful plug-ins, you can take your GE Smallworld toolset to the next level. Say goodbye to sluggish data transfers. Our synchronisation plugin ensures lightning-fast data synchronisation from Smallworld to Oracle, surpassing any other solution in terms of speed and efficiency. Experience unparalleled performance and eliminate bottlenecks in your data management processes.


Are you prepared to revolutionise your systems? Realworld Systems introduces our cutting-edge Observability Solutions, designed to optimise your operations and boost productivity across various use cases. Discover how our tool can save you money, increase efficiency, and provide ultimate control over your systems. Our cutting-edge Observability Solution is designed to unlock the full potential of your systems. With a wide range of powerful features, our tool optimises operations and boosts productivity across various use cases. Discover how our solution can revolutionise your business today.

Water Management

Water companies requires a holistic solution that empowers them to excel in delivering performance, innovation, and exceptional quality at reduced costs. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution enhances planning, design, engineering, and asset operations, supporting various business processes. It equips you to handle disruptions, adapt to variability, and make informed decisions seamlessly.
It’s no secret that the adage “garbage in = garbage out” remains true today. To succeed, we must define the playing field, capture the right data accurately, and have access to it anytime, anywhere. Realworld Systems paves the way for this transformation. It’s time to take the next step.

Location Analytics

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, location is everything. Realworld Systems brings you a groundbreaking solution that unlocks the potential of location analytics, helping you tap into the geospatial dimension of your data. Discover how this transformative technology can reshape your business strategy. Our solution is a powerful tool for making data-driven marketing decisions, analyzing customer and competitor data, and ultimately increasing revenues. Let us empower your business with location analytics.

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