Data Transit System

Even after many years of Enterprise Integration, there are still data silos unable to share as much data as they should. It’s not a lack of need. It’s not a lack of desire. It is a lack of ease. And when data is shared, its usefulness is severely reduced by the differences in the data model.

Data Transit System aims to resolve this problem by making it extremely simple to access data from diverse systems across the enterprise and by allowing the user to map classes of assets across the enterprise systems.

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Data Transit System combines disparate data sources from systems published in multiple formats (native or via web services).


Based on Microservices architecture, it automatically takes advantages of scalability, distributed capabilities and runs connectors inside containers.


With access to more complete data, companies can make faster business decisions to improve operational efficiency.

Cost Effective

A fully integrated data environment means no longer spending your time on costly integration projects.


The platform has a fully customizable user interface for both business users and developers.

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