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Large-scale Data Conversion

Realworld Echo’s combination of GIS experience with engineering “know-how” in both the utilities and telecommunications sectors enables us to understand your data and improve its accuracy. We guarantee quality assurance through structured work processes and our implementation of automated quality control tools. Whether your needs are system design and development or data capture and conversion, ECHO has the resources and experience to deliver.

Realworld Echo’s experience delivering large network infrastructure data capture and migration projects (18,000 km trench line in one year) gives our customers confidence that we will deliver an efficient competitively priced quality service.

We offer experience and expertise across a comprehensive range of software systems (GE Smallworld, ESRI, Integraph, AND, AutoCAD, Microstation, Mapserver) and aim to provide the solution that best fits your network and business requirements.

To find out how Realworld Echo could help you realise maximum benefit from your network, please contact us for more information.


Garrett Finnerty
Garrett Finnerty
Managing director, Germany