Realworld Systems is a global solution provider for the utility, water, and telecom industry, and the public sector. Realworld offers consultancy, integration, product development and training services, complemented by an extensive product range and knowledge of business processes. Realworld specializes in integrated spatial asset management solutions for companies involved in creating and maintaining complex distribution networks as well as asset management, spatial design, administration and planning.


The Telecoms industry is fast moving with companies across the globe rolling out new fibre network to enable businesses and consumers super-fast access to data, streaming services and many more communication services which underpin modern life. Realworld Systems have been working in close collaboration with Telecoms operators and GE over many years to deliver the solutions to support planning, build, sales and assurance. We have developed a wide range of products which integrate seamlessly with the GE PNI product set to enable:
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Water is a vital resource that plays a crucial role in sustaining life, supporting ecosystems, and driving economic activities. As societies face increasing challenges related to water scarcity, quality management, and the need for efficient utilization, the establishment of a Unified National Control Center for Water emerges as a strategic and comprehensive solution. This centralized hub serves as a cutting-edge platform designed to monitor, manage, and optimize the entire water infrastructure of a nation. In the face of these escalating water challenges, a holistic water management solution emerges as a beacon of sustainable progress. This comprehensive approach addresses the intricate web of issues surrounding water availability, quality, and distribution, laying the foundation for resilient and environmentally conscious water stewardship.
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GE Smallworld Monitoring

Monitoring Solutions in general are designed to ensure greater reliability and utilization, improved operations, enhanced security and reduced costs without impacting the performance of the system. In the case of GE Smallworld users, alerting when a Job Server is down or a Data Server is unavailable is critical. People want to continue their work. Having a constant overview present real-time status for managers, users and administrators is an easy way to inform them and they can undertake an action to resolve the blockage or bottleneck.

Diagnostics out-of-the-box facilitates a proactive approach to monitoring where it acquires granular information about the performance and use of GE Smallworld and presents that information in easy to understand dashboards and charts to assist customers by alerting them to compromising activities. Diagnostics provides a real-time constant overview of GE Smallworld usage and can prevent the severe implications, if it breaks down, is improperly used or does not perform to expectations.


Integration across multiple platforms generally takes the form of point-to-point bespoke integrations successfully implemented but they are bespoke. For example, data from GE Smallworld to Oracle is one of these point-to-point solutions. Although this is one of the ways to keep the data consistent between other systems maintaining this is cumbersome and costly to an organization. 

Our integration platform helps you overcome challenges emerging from working with data silos by offering a simple and efficient way of managing data sources and easily translating and aggregating data between different formats, in a highly secure environment. As a middleware solution that allows access to multiple data sources (internal or external), published in multiple formats (native or via web services). Enterprise data can be consumed in new, innovative ways, helping companies meet their informational needs.

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Service assurance

Realworld Systems introduces a cutting-edge Service Assurance solution tailored for the telecommunications domain, designed to enhance network reliability and operational efficiency. Leveraging advanced correlation techniques, our solution meticulously integrates data from various inventory systems with insights from Element Management Systems (EMS) or Network Management Systems (NMS). This integration facilitates real-time visibility into network performance, enabling swift identification and remediation of network issues before they impact service quality. Our unique orchestration and automation tool stands at the core of our offering, allowing seamless integration across the entire Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) stack. This not only streamlines all operational processes but also ensures a significant reduction in downtime and operational costs. With Realworld Systems’ Service Assurance solution, telecom operators can achieve unparalleled operational agility, ensuring the highest standards of network performance and customer satisfaction.

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