Realworld Systems and Cortex® support Orange Romania in accelerating its automation journey for IT operations

By Kate Evans – Cortex

Realworld Systems and Cortex® are proud to be one of the main partners of Orange Romania supporting and accelerating their automation journey for IT operations.

Orange Romania is future-proofing its IT operations to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Intelligent Automation will enable Orange to accelerate their evolution with new technologies, manage increasingly complex networks, and support next-generation load. The strategic move to automation centric operations will ensure continuing service delivery excellence through increased efficiency, reliability, and placing customer experience at the heart of operations.

To facilitate this, Orange Romania turned to Realworld Systems, a world-wide integrator that builds, sells, and implements intelligent solutions to accelerate digital transformation with who they have a trusted working relationship.

“Business expectations from IT are quite straightforward: simplicity, fast time to market, performance and reliability. Discussing with different IT leaders, always the same question arises: how to transform your organization to achieve these “straightforward” expectations?

Achieving simplicity and fast time to market without trading off performance and reliability, (unintuitively) means that your IT ecosystem gets even more complex. Therefore, one of the key ingredients is cultivating and nurturing an automation mindset inside your organization. Automation has to come by design!

In Orange Romania we are quite advanced in the automation journey (CI/CD, IaC, intelligent operations, etc), however, we consider it key to accelerate even more the automation of our end-to-end process.

Cortex and RealWorld are one of our main partners in this automation journey, proposing the strategies, methods and technology that will make this journey a success. After less than 3 months, we are starting to see the results and they are quite impressive!” Horia Stefanescu, Head of IT Operations, Orange Romania

“Automation is a central point inside the IT operations Strategy, as part of our digital transformation, with great focus and commitment from all the involved parties. We believe that through intelligent automation we can achieve our goal to deliver reliable and seamless services to our customers. Besides the tool, which is also important, we needed partners who can support us through the automation journey and empower us with the right methodologies in order to implement automation efficiently and timely.

Together with Realworld Systems and Cortex, we can achieve our goal to implement intelligent automation by using the best combination between the tool and mindset.” Marian Merisescu, Lead Automation Architect, Orange Romania

The Realworld Systems ethos, of supporting companies on a strategic, tactical, and operational level, mirrors the Cortex mission of a “World where everyone can automate” through technological accessibility and innovations in strategies and methodologies for success in Intelligent Automation. The partnership came together following TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2019. It combines two decades of Realworld Systems’ extensive experience in digital transformation with the industry-leading innovation of Cortex’s and two decades of success in developing and delivering Intelligent Automation software.
“We are delighted that Orange Romania selected Realworld and Cortex for delivering the solution for automating its IT Operations landscape. This is just the beginning of a journey that aims for a radical business transformation that will allow Orange to deal with the increasing complexity of its IT Operations and Network landscape. Realworld is committed to assist its long-time customer Orange Romania, and to deliver the best strategies and methodologies in implementing intelligent automation,” Bogdan Hebean, Business Development Lead at RealWorld Systems said.

A proven, unique engagement process began in late 2019, with a Cortex Kickstarter™ project that goes beyond a traditional POC. In two days, this provides a rapid prototype intelligent automation solution, applied in context for Orange. The initial automation focus of IT Ops was driven by the ongoing convergence of IT and network operations. With impending pressure from new technologies such as 5G, SDN, NFV, microservices and cloud transformation, IT infrastructure is ever more vital to underpin service operations. Phase one of the intelligent automation initiative, a Cortex Launch Program™, guarantees tangible outcomes within 3 months.
“The future of work where intelligent machines can share the burden of ever more complex, and demanding operations. We are excited to be bringing the strategies, methods, and technology we have developed over the last 3 decades to enable Orange to be successful in this transformation. Our experience in major communication service providers combined with intelligent automation will provide Orange with the accelerate the release of the highly skilled workforce to support the evolving world of 5G, SDN, NFV, cloud transformation and microservices,” Jonathan Hobday, Commercial Director at Cortex, concludes.