Intermediate Software Developer
Department: Information Technology & Services
Location: Romania
Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

We are looking for a passionate and responsible person to join the project team for our client, a big player in the Romanian telco industry. The position is project based, for a 5-year period. There is also a possibility for a full time employment afterwards. 

The Software Developer will be part of our delivery team, responsible for development and support of our client’s platform. 

This means that she/he: 

  • Has a Mid / Senior level 
  • Qualified in Mechanical Engineering / Electronic engineering / Physics/Theoretical Physics / Mechatronics and robotics / Chemistry & Molecular Physics / Electrical and computers engineering / Computer Engineering 
  • Interesting fields would be: Automation, consultancy, architecture, analyst, etc. 
  • Experience in IT industry is a plus.


  • Problem Solving  
  • Methodical, attentive to details  
  • Results focused  
  • Good cooperative skills within teams  
  • Flexible & a quick learner  
  • Committed and focused to achieving targets on own initiative 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Providing a work around if a fix is not plausible
  • Maintaining state of support issues
  • Answering customer questions
  • Creating patches and managing patch storage
  • Bug fixing
  • Porting code vertically (between versions) and horizontally (between customer/feature branches/trunk)


  • Designing and proposing customization
  • Advising complex customer deployments


  • Maintain overview of product architecture
  • Planning and designing major product changes
  • Implementing new features and enhancements
  • Optimizing code
  • Running Performance Tests
  • Creating and updating GE release documents
  • Planning/managing release schedule
  • Developing and maintaining delivery scripts
  • Creating deliveries (product installer)
  • Writing user documentation 
  • Testing releases
  • Creating Test reports for GE Energy (Testersuite)
  • Maintaining communication with GE Release Management


Salary is competitive with excellent benefits including private health care, flexible hours and work from home options.